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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by superkarimo, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. superkarimo

    superkarimo Bit Poster

    any advice on this aspect of self teaching. One concern I have is that I will not know what level of knowledge I would need to pass a cert exam. Are online practice tests a good idea?
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  2. Sarah

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    I would reccomend that you use some sort of test prep or mock exam software to give you an idea of how you would do in the real exam. One of the disadvantages could be that the same questions might come up again and again or you get too familier with the questions asked before your real exam.

    However I do find these good, if you need to purchase:

    In addition if you are buying books you will probably find that there is a test prep CD-ROM included. For example the Mike Myers passport for A+

    You can also find lots of resources online that may help with self study.
  3. moominboy

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    also the sibex book comes with mocks for the hardware and os exams if it's a+ your'e going for, but it is only one mock per subject so online would probably be best mate.

    edit; try this link too mate. it's written as if you had a job and were given a problem so maybe a bit easier than it should ?....
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  4. ffreeloader

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    Practice tests are a good idea, but they are the last step in the learning process before you go test. What I mean by this is work your way hands-on through all the material found in exam specific books until you can basically do it in your sleep. Then use a practice test to see if there is anything you're weak on. Once you identify that go back to hands on and studying principles until you understand it. Then go retest with the practice tests. Cycle through it that way.

    Also, the practice tests found on the cd roms in the backs of books are not a very reliable way to really get a feel for what the real exam will be like. The formats of the tests in the Mike Myers book, unless they've radically changed in the last couple of years, are much different than how Comptia writes their tests.

    I'd recommend either Transcender or SelfTest Software practice exams. They're expensive, but they are well worth the money. I've used both and their questions are a very good approximation of how things will be presented in the real exams.
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  5. superkarimo

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    thanks to all for the advice. I may start by actually going for MOS (formerly MOUS) certs to get something under my belt and get a taste for things. Build my confidence in myself and take it from there
    Certifications: City & Guilds diplomas in C,C++ and VB
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