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Self Study Time

Discussion in 'A+' started by skotbites, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. skotbites

    skotbites Bit Poster

    Hi, I've just received the Mike Meyers All in one A+ book and am trying to sort out a timetable for my studies.

    From the forumites experience what kind of blocks of time am I best working with. I don't want to set aside half an hour here and there if it won't be of real benefit. I intend to read through the book 1st then read again whilst taking notes.

    I know everyone learns at a different pace but I want to stick to my learning timetable once I've worked it out so would I be better fitting in 4 x 30min into my day or maybe 2/3 hours solid a week in one block.

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  2. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    Personlly I prefer 30mins-1hour slots in a relaxed environment for maximum concentration.

    It's possible to take breaks and sandwich as much as 10 slots of study into a day. However I find concentration does tend to drop off.

    Mixing up different approaches helps to keep it interesting, books, Video/CBTs, practical/lab work, classes, etc.

    You can study some material without ideal conditions and everyone is different.

    Some people study before and afterwork, on the train, in their lunch break, etc. It's not always quality time, but sometimes you have to take what you can get.
  3. Evilwheato

    Evilwheato Kilobyte Poster

    I was told that we loose concentration on things after 20-30 minutes. I would split your learning until 30 minute blocks, whether reading, watch videos or taking notes.

    I tend to read whole chapters, then forget about some of the things I have read- and having to go back and read it again :rolleyes:
  4. skotbites

    skotbites Bit Poster

    Thats what I'm wanting to avoid as much as possible on the intial run through. Reading and re reading

    I dont mind re reading parts once I'm taking notes, are the chapters equal lengths? So I could maybe do a chapter or subsection at a time.

    I should really open the book and have a look but it's at home and I'm trying to work my calender out at work.

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  5. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    I did 2-3 20 minute sessions each day apart from a sunday. remember it isn't a race take your time, your learning to be a good technician not pass a couple of exams.
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  6. skotbites

    skotbites Bit Poster

    Thats right and I really want to make sure I understand everything fully. I don't want to try and cram things into shorter time slots even if it takes me longer overall I'd rather make sure I "know" it rather than just remembering answers.

    I'm looking at maybe 30min to an hour and couple of nights a week with a good few hours on a Wednesday (day off) I may even use the Wednesday session to go over what I've covered in the half hour slots.

    I really am looking forward to starting the book and no doubt raising my post count here with hundreds of questions.

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  7. onoski

    onoski Terabyte Poster

    Spot on advise given so far as I too would go easy and concentrate to learn the material both theoretically and hands on practical. Best wishes and keep focus on the goal:)
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