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Seeking 2nd Line / 3rd Line Role - CV Tips

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Colloghi, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Colloghi

    Colloghi Kilobyte Poster

    Well i have eventually managed to get myself into a 2nd Line position at the current company I work for. The problem is the position is really not what it was made out to be and, Im confident within 6 months I would have pretty much developed myself in this role as far as i can and be on the verge of becoming a jam sandwich on the pavement outside:)

    Ultimately 90% of the role Ive took on currently doing is duller than David Beckham lecturing me on how to apply Marxist theory to modern day feminist economics:D

    Anyhow with that aside, Ive been reviewing my CV again, from the amount of excited and dedicated 1st Line postions I seemed to be getting called up about, my CV does seemed more catered towards a helpdesk role........... I also have a little section on customer service experience?..............in regards to going for a 2nd line role is this something i really need anymore, or would i be wise to drop this....

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