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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by cybersquirrel, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. cybersquirrel

    cybersquirrel New Member

    EDIT SG/Blue: Content edited to remove actual name and re-instated after Mod review

    I have had a nightmare with this company ,i signed up for the so called web design course which i later learned was five years out of date .
    I tried to cancel and was not allowed ,i had 21 days in which to cancel but was told not to start untill a tutor called me , well that took the tutor 15 days to call and the 15 days was included in the 21 day cancellation period .
    I also noted schedegger`s advert where it states in large print "PLS REMEMBER MANPOWER WILL ONLY INTERVIEW PEOPLE WITH THE CORRECT QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS AND YOU WILL NEED TO PROVE YOUR NEW SKILLS AT THE MANPOWER INTERVIEW" i scanned that and sent that to manpower who emailed straight back saying that the comment was total fiction and manpower will interview anybody with or without qualifications .Manpower have also put in writing to me that theyare nothing to do with scheidegger and brook street and monster.co.uk put the same in writing to me as well .
    Scheidegger have now for some reason asked the finance company for my account back , again i have this in writing from the finance company , although i just telephoned schedgger and spoke to a very arragant customer services bloke who said the account has gone somewhere but scheidegger dont know where its gone and he refused to help me out in anyway saying it isnt scheideggers problem , i also approached mylocalcitizens advice office who tell me scheidegger are very well known to themselfs and they get a lot of complaints about scheidegger .
    I have now got a new name to write and complain to at scheidegger which is a Mr ****** which i will be doing tonight , everything i have stated here i have proof of .

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