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    I have recently enrolled on a PC engineering course with Scheidegger and it's going very well. I'm into my third assignment and and I'm really looking forward to a better future. There's no doubt in my mind that the course is improving my job prospects and I'm really glad I went ahead with it.

    Introducing the course to me was done very professionally. There was one problem - and that was I feel I misunderstood the information on the practical training venue and I was a bit disappointed about this.

    But everything elese hsa been fine, good tutors and training materials. The only improvement I could suggest is that students get practical training closer to home - in my case this was a bit of a pain.
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    Glad to hear it, Bladerunner - why not swing by our New Members area and tell us about you ?
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    I echo what Gav said, Bladerunner. Welcome to CF. Please pop up to the new members forum and introduce yourself. We'd love to hear how you heard about our site and how we can be of service. Cheers.
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