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  1. Arroryn

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    I can see how that would do your head in!!

    All I can say is keep looking! I'm not in IT myself at the moment - I'm in sales, and doing the Skillstrain course. Looking for my first way in at the moment.
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  2. Lord Deckard

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    Just a quick update about getting my exam fees paid back by Scheidegger! Sent both reciepts that I printed from the prometric site by recorded delivery on the 4th March, got a cheque for the full amount (£210) today, 22nd March. The cheque says "Skillstrain in association with Scheidegger" which we all knew about anyway but, at least we can say now that they do pay your exam fees back.

    Lord Deckard.
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  3. dee1810

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    Oh, I would just like to mention that THe Scheidegger certificate is a sheet of paper that you received after you have successfully complete the Scheidegger(SkillsTrain) course.

    It does exist, as I now have one, but I won't be using just this one certificate to get my foot on the bottom of the IT ladder. I will now need to revise and sit the CIW exams..
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  4. Jody

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    same here,I cant make payments to CDF so they plan to take us to court,I was wrongly informed by the sales person,I wrote letters to skills train,sent income details to CDF,nobody wants to help so sending my concerns to watch dog,CAB and!!

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