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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TurtleBot, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. TurtleBot

    TurtleBot Bit Poster

    Hello all

    Ive just bought a sata deskstar to replace my old IDE drive.
    and i got the correct sata promise drivers for my mobo,
    all goes well installing xp pro untill it askes me which partition do i want to use,
    problem is its not showing the space my hdd has, 160 gig btw,
    just show 0 for the space, i hope you know which part im at i didnt make a note
    of it anyhow i did just press the "press ENTER to install xp on this partion"
    and it came up with an error screen "pagefault_in_non_pagedarea"

    p4 2.8
    asus p4pe mobo
    160 gig hdd
    xp pro

    hope you can help
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  2. noelg24

    noelg24 Terabyte Poster

    maybe this is not the right question to ask but have u got round to formatting the HDD?
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  3. simongrahamuk
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    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    Is the BIOS detecting the disk ok?

    Did the disk come with drivers, you may have to press F6 and install the driver for the disk when XP is installing, as XP was released before SATA eixisted (I think).

  4. TurtleBot

    TurtleBot Bit Poster

    thx for replying so quick
    no not got round to formatting yet thats what i hope to be doing soon:)
    sata controller is enabled in bios, but no name of the hdd hitachi
    the driver i believe is the right one, from asus webby.
    i think ill try fiddling with the bios a bit
    thx again:)
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  5. Boycie
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    Boycie Senior Beer Tester


    there seems to be a few people that have had "grief" with SATA.

    Really speaking, if the BIOS detects the correct model that should be enough to boot from your XP disc and press F6. Then you will need to stick in your driver as supplied by the manufacturer.

    Did you get and install all the drivers for your mobo?

    I hope you get it to work, let us know how you get on. :)
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  6. Baba O'Riley

    Baba O'Riley Gigabyte Poster

    Are you using XP Pro? I had a problem of the installation program only recognising a portion of the space of my SATA drive.

    I think as I remember, I used a XP Home install disc to partition the drive, then reset the PC before it started to install Windows.

    You know you have to create and format a partition before before installing though right? It's one of the options on the install program.
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  7. zimbo
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    zimbo Petabyte Poster

    i suggest you make two or three partions because from my experience you will only see ~149GB of the disk no matter what where as you parition lets say 160/3 will show you about 54GB each parition which should be fine... give it a try mate and let us know!
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  8. Neall

    Neall Byte Poster

    I agree with Boyce and Simon.

    Sounds to me like you will have to install the sata driver that you have for the HDD.

    At the start of the windows XP setup you will have the option to press F6, do it and insert the driver disk when prompted.

    This will install the driver and windows XP should now pick up the drive and allow you to setup and format the partitions.

    This problem is motherboard depended.

    EDIT: Just noticed you had an Asus board, from experience i found you need to nearly always install drivers before an install of XP.

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