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    Hi All,

    Just a quick one for you, At Work we are having problems with people connecting to the RRAS server, we can see them connect but then it just bombs them out giving them an authentication error, the remote user all have permissions set that will allow them to connect, is there anything that we are over looking?
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    Just a couple of immediate thoughts
    Is the RRAS service started? Are the users members of any groups that have deny? How are your RRAS policies set up?
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    nelix - a little more information is required.
    (I am assuming RRAS Server is Win2K)

    The message is authentication error, at what level have you set encryption on the server? (Basic, Strong, Strongest)?

    Are they direct dials or via VPN? If VPN which protocol are users using to tunnel? What OS's do users have? How are users machine configured (SLIP, PPP)? Is server configured to only accept certain types of connection?

    Give us a bit more info, I am sure we can sort it out for you.
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