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    Just reading about the Route command, to create a static route.

    Thing that I thought to myself though, this can't be used very much.I mean aren't routers so intelligent now that they are very efficient in seeking the best route.

    Any examples of when you guys have sued the Route command, just so I can put into better context.

    I think I've got the gist of it, it's just that knowing how it's really used and for what purposes it has fulfilled brings greater clarity and understanding.

    Thanks :!:
  2. Luton Bee

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    Route can also be used on a client as well as a router. I use it here to enable certain clients only to connect to one of our customers datacenters via a Cisco ISDN router behind a firewall. Only those machines that have had the route added to thier routing table will direct traffic for the datacenter through the firewalls internal interface.
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    we used it once when we had a single machine connected to our network amd a client network over a dedicated 64k leased line, certain traffic went down the leased line, the rest was internal,

    yes most routers are very intelligent, but this is for manipulating traffic at the client level, not just sending it to a gateway and having the gateway handle it all

    it still has its uses, :)
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  4. AndyL

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    We have 50 small sites and one large head office. The small sites are connected over IPStream to our head office. We want them to have access to our Exchange server etc. but not to each other. THe servers and IT PCs in HO have static routes to all the branches. This stops the branches communicating with each other. 50 static routes is easy to manage.
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