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Retro blast from the past

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by UKDarkstar, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. UKDarkstar
    Honorary Member

    UKDarkstar Terabyte Poster

    Ahh, do you long for the days of the DOS prompt ? Remember when CGA graphics seemed too new for you ?

    I have the solution ! :biggrin

    The original Zork text based adventure is available for a free download (not only that but all 3 parts !)

    Here you go ! :biggrin
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  2. JK2447
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    JK2447 Petabyte Poster Administrator

    Hey you DarkStar, I'm the retro nostalgia man on here! :lol: (Just kiddin :p )

    Love my text games I do :twisted:
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  3. Colloghi

    Colloghi Kilobyte Poster

    There is also a dos emulator which can be run on a PSP, so technically you could probably play Zork on the train, bus or anywhere:D
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