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Discussion in 'Software' started by nugget, Apr 7, 2004.

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    Just did a quick search for something about rescue/utility disks but came up with nothing. So...what I would like to know is what people would put on a utility disk; floppy or cd, eg fdisk.

    Ideally they would be suited to setups, troubleshooting etc and naturally, links would be welcome for these utilities and apps.

    The reason I ask is I followed an article about setting up a linux server and it pointed out to prepare the hdd with fdisk. Although I know what it is and what it does I don't have it (I think) and so it got me thinking what other people use/have. :?
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    Sorry if I'm on the wrong track initially here, Nugg - but loads of good advice can be found on Bart's Boot Disk

    Stuff I keep in my CD toolkit include delpart.exe(just Google for it), PQ Magic for partitioning, Stinger (up to date, for fast bug-busting), and a bunch of other Tools that come under "Misc". Given a bit of time, I'll try and dig out some more info on them.....

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