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    OK need some help here, looking to sit this exam soon and cant get my head around this. I understand the concept of DNS i.e standard primary and secondary servers etc. However can someone clear the following up for me. In
    AD integrated zones does replicate :

    (1) To all DNS servers in active directory domain (or forest) include domain controllers hosting DNS as well as DNS member servers in the domain (or forest)

    And how do you go about the replication? Do you need to configure the zones on other servers first to be replicated to?Have read article after article and cant understand this so help would be appreciated

    Thanks :D
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    DNS information is replicated to all DC's that are DNS servers. It's done automatically as a part of AD replication. There is no other configuration necessary when the DNS server is also a DC.
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    Just to add a bit more info.

    Active Directory integrated zones replicate to all DNS servers that have a copy of the AD database, i.e. DCs (domain controllers) but only in the domain not the entire forest.

    This does not prevent you from using other non-Active Directory integrated name servers alongside your integrated ones. With DNS servers that are not AD integrated the DNS entries are held in a text file which needs to be replicated to other DNS servers. This is called a zone transfer. With AD integrated there is no text file, the zone transfer is done seamlessly as a part of normal domain replication.

    Here is a really good link Active Directory - Integrated DNS

    Oh and for the exam remember that for DNS to be fault tolerant you must have AD Integrated zones.
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    Much appreciated :D
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