Remembering the Winnt.exe switches

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    We'll use the analogy of a house to represent a computer, and removal men as processes.The house is currently owned by Miss Dell, and she is having some furniture installed into her new home, after her split from Mr Cisco.

    The removal company 'Mr Pilchard adn Sons' aren't the best in town, but apparently are the only ones in town, so they're contracted for the job.

    Mr Pilchard drives to Miss Dells house, checking all the Information about the move /I on his way there.

    When he arrives he realises that the drive is too small for the truck, and so he sets off up the road to find somewhere suitable.
    He decides to use someboy else's driveway, temporarily of course /t until the truck is emptied.

    Mr Pilchard walks to Mrs Dells house, where his sons are waiting outside for instructions.
    he tells them that he's had to park the truck up the road where there's more space.The sons's are a bit dim, so Mr Pilchard has to show them /s the way, all the way (full path) so they know where they're going.

    The move get's underway.

    During the move Mrs dell brings the lads some tea, and upon doing so notices a dog in her garden.
    "I hope that's gone soon, I don't like dogs, especially in my garden" exclaimed the rather snotty Mrs dell.
    " don't worry, that's my dog Rex Mrs Dell, it'll be going with us when we leave" /rx replied eldest son Barry, in his dimwitted voice.

    Rex certainly will be leaving, but not until he's uprooted' a plant and left a little leaving present :eek:

    Once the move is complete, Barry approaches Mrs Dell with the Bill.
    "550 pounds, it's supposed to be 500 only" a shocked Mrs Dell replies.
    "yes Mrs Dell, but for us removing that garbage for you from the garden, these are extras I'm afraid" /e Barry replied, completely nonchalant with Mrs dells displeasure (the garbage they'd removed was their own packaging afterall, :blink)

    The lads packed up, taking Rex with them, after a job well done.

    When Mr Piclhard isn't around to supervise his clueless son's, he makes the necessary praparations.
    Before they carry out a move unattended, Mr Pilchard makes sure that they understand /u what's required of them, by writing all the instructions down.
    The son's may be carrying out several jobs in one day, so Mr Piclhard writes them one main note on how to carry out hosue moves, and an individual note for each job.
    These individual notes are to make sure that they 'understand the differences' /udf:id betweent he different moves:
    for example, which goods go to which house :rolleyes:

    The end:!:

    Ok it wasn't brilliant and I may tweak it, but to be honest it doesn't matter, as long as it helps you to remember the switches.
    the story may seem a little long in written form, but when you visualize it, it's very simple and quick to run through it, recalling the switches and their functions as you go.
    it certinaly works for me, and I hope you get some benefit too.

    To be honest the installing faze isn't my forte during my studies, so I'll be glad to egt this exam out of the way.making up stories really comes into its own during the netowrking and database phases of studies, as I will of course demonstrate.
    I'll try and come up with a story for the Winnt32.exe switches, as they're different from winnt.exe, well some of them are anyway.
    Either I'll construct a new story, or I'll edit the existing one.
    Any ideas, please put them forward.

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    Wow I can't believe no ones responded to what seems a literary masterpiece (or maybe madness[​IMG] )

    Nice one flex, a couple of those work immediately, and some dont - maybe the story is a bit wordy? Natch, hate to criticise, hope you understand this is positive critiscism...

    Couldn't immediately get the /r and /rx references have to say, prob more me being dim that anyone else, but 12/10 for effort m8...[​IMG]
  3. flex22

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    Thanks Cart.

    Personally I can't forget the thought of Rex the dog crapping on Miss Dell's prize rosebushes lol:!:

    Think about it, the /r switch is used to create an additional folder is the system root folder.
    So this is like the dog up'rooting' the roseplant.

    /rx is used to create an additional folder is the system root but the setup deletes these files before the installation is complete.
    As in Rex leaves with Barry when the job is done.

    I was actually going to explain all this, but thought I'd just get the story up first.

    As for it being long.Well it is, I mean you look at it and think "christ flex I'm finding it hard to remember what I have now without having to remember all that as well" lol, but like I said before it's very simple.

    It just looks long in word form, but in fact run through it a few times in you head and it's very straightforward.

    Any suggestion on how to shorten it, let me know.I'll look into this also, but if it works, it works.

    Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

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