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    Now for pity sake take your hand away from the mouse and keyboard for a few minutes.

    Raise your chair so that your feet are level with the floor, but are very light against the ground.

    Let you arms flop down to the sides of you chair.

    Now start breathing.Make sure you are breathing reguarly and that you can see your stomach area rising (it makes you look like you have a beer belly).

    Now I said relax you arms, didn't I, so relax them.That includes your fingers as well.

    Remember to breath at a constant rate, and deeply.

    Notice how your body feels.Man sort that neck out, and the shoulders definitely need some work.

    Just let them go, all floppy like, no effort involved.Your sat down, so you aren't going to fall over.

    Keep breathing, in and out.You'd be surprised how tense your breathing becomes when you don't keep an eye on it.

    When we are inactive for long periods, are bodies forget to breath.We aren't out hunting like cavemen anymore, so we don't breath like we should.

    Notice what your body feels like.Concentrate on the stress areas.

    Breath in deeply and then when you breath out, imagine that all the stress in leaving you body.Every out breath is making you more relaxed.

    When you are noticing your body, you may hear you heart beating, it may seem to be beating faster than normal.

    Don't worry, just keep breathing reguarly, and notice it, just notice it, it'll pass, just stay relaxed, focused, and breathing deeply.

    Make sure even your feet and toes are relaxed, and the back of your leg.

    When you breath out, imagine that stress is shooting out of the end of your toes, right out into space, never to return.

    You may notice the end of your fingers tingle, and maybe even your toes.This is the blood circulating better, because these areas are becomes more relaxed and less stressed.

    let your eyes relax, don't worry about focusing too much.

    Make sure your breathing reguarly now, don't let yourself tense up again.

    Close your eyes if you wish.

    Take your focus away from just behind your eyes, and place your focus away from your body.

    Imagine even that you are stood across the room watching yourself.

    Notice yourself, breath.When tension arises.Notice it

    It will pass, as long as you stay in the relaxed state.

    Be aware, as soon as stress creeps in, breath out, let it go out of your fingers, your toes, out into space.

    You may find that you take a big yawn.

    That's ok.Just yawn, let it happen, let it all go.Don't fight it.

    relax your face, you may feel like your face is sullen.You may even start to notice a slight smile forming.This means you are relaxing.

    Has your heart now slowed down.Yes.Good.If not, just continue, it'll pass.

    Watch those toes and shoulder now, and your neck, keep these relaxed.

    Arms to the side, fingers all floppy, continue breathing.

    Relax, relax breath, relax, continue.......................
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    aahhh, that feels better.
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