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Reflection on passing 70-270 Onwards to 70-290

Discussion in 'Windows 7 / 8 /10 Client Exams' started by wilwong, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. wilwong

    wilwong New Member

    Hi all;

    About the same time a few days ago I was sitting here like a condemned man waiting for the gallows.

    After a whirlwind day of passing my 70-270; down the pub; phoned my friends; cooked my darling wife lunch and seen my family (of which I haven't for at least two months!) I got the chance now to reflect upon my exam:

    a) A good few of the questions I had experienced at work(printers,remote desktop); which was darn lucky
    b) One very same question appeared Verbatim twice; lucky again
    c) I studied enough to spot bad answers straight away;which homed me in on the right answer
    d) Praticing on Measure Up (not so much with Trancender) definitely toughened me up. Although the former had loads of Drag and Drop; Point and Click, adaptive and Brain melting Permissions questions;which I'm suprised were very lacking in the actual 70-270. Not complaining mind because I would have exited out of the 4th floor window...

    Now onto 70-290; quick look at the books supplied by Computeach are a bit thin. Now at work we are still on good old NT4 Domain; guess my question is going to be how to set a proper lab with WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) I'm thinking of a PC running Win2003; Laptop with XP and maybe VMware in there. Also any books I could buy to suppliment my reading materials.

    Also I'm hoping once into my 70-290; AD;GPOs with 70-270 would click together...since I feel that my knowledge on said topics are just theory.

    Then again I could bugger about with my sister company's Win2000 AD through the VPN!:eek:

    Anyhow; I talk too much; better get some sleep....felt like climbing Epsom Hill one legged with my first MCP..MCSE would be Mount Doom(probably Bill Gates' alternate address!)

    Good night all.

    Certifications: 70-270
    WIP: MCSE 2003

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