Red Hat in VMWare Puzzle #2

Discussion in 'Linux / Unix Discussion' started by tripwire45, Aug 26, 2004.

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    I want my virtual Linux machine to be able to connect to my actual home LAN. I configured eth0 to be on the same subnet as my LAN and the virtual NIC is Bridged. eth0 is Active and I can ping it but I can't ping the host machine that is on the same network. What am I missing?

    Also, is there anyway I can add a virtual modem to the Linux machine that would access the host machine's actual modem? I'd like to put the Linux machine out on the Internet for some tests. A modem is not one of the machines that VMWare supports adding but I seem to remember getting a virtual machine to get on the Internet before, I just can't remember how I did it. Any ideas? Thanks.
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