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    A man was driving down the highway late one Saturday night,
    when all of a sudden a rabbit carrying a basket full of
    eggs darted in front of his car!

    He tried to swerve to avoid the rabbit,
    but he was traveling too fast.
    His car hit the rabbit, knocking it to the side of the road!

    He stopped his car, got out and ran to the rabbit's side.
    Much to his dismay, he discovered he had just ran over the Easter Bunny!
    As he stood there with tears in his eyes,
    a fair haired lady pulled over and asked what had happened.

    After the man explained that he had ran over the Easter Bunny
    and ruined Easter for all of the little boys and girls in the world, t
    he fair haired lady smiled and said, "No problem!"

    She ran to the trunk of her car and grabbed an spray bottle.

    She ran to the Easter Bunny's side,
    kneeled down and sprayed something all over the rabbit.
    Suddenly, the Easter Bunny hopped up,
    gathered it's eggs into the basket and proceeded to hop away.

    After the Easter Bunny had hopped a little way from the stunned man,
    he turned and waved to him.
    The Easter Bunny hopped some more,
    then stopped and waved.
    The rabbit hopped and waved all the way down the highway.

    The stunned man turned to the grinning fair haired lady and asked,

    "What did you spray on that rabbit?!"

    The fair haired lady said,

    "The bottle says 'Hair Spray - Adds Permanent Wave!'"
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  3. tripwire45
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    Oh no! I haven't heard that joke in over 30 years! :P
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  4. SimonV
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    Badum tssssshhh :)
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