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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Luddym, Dec 22, 2005.

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    I ordered a 1 Gig stick of 233Mhz DDR ram for my PC as it was grinding to a halt when i ran My VMWare lab. I already had one 512 block, and one 256 block, of the same. (233Mhx.)

    My motherboard has two slots. After receiving and trying to install the ram, I relaised it was only recognising as 32mg of RAM.

    Link To Motherboard Specs

    Now, looking at the spec, (which i should have done before i decided to buy the 1 Gig of memory) I notice it says I can only fit 1Gig max memory into the board, but that can only be in 512Meg sticks.

    I upgraded the Bios today using the last available BIOS on the HP website, but that BIOS upgrade was dated 9/2003, but it was still a few months newer than my old one. But, still no joy.

    Im running a P4 2.4Ghz machine, so just assumed I would be able to use the Gig stick.

    I'm trying to find a BIOS upgrade that is from the Motherboard manufacturer, as during some of my searches, i have found Motherboards with the same 'MS-6577' that can handle 1 gig for channel.

    Does anyone know if this is an option, or if i am just clinging relentlessly to hope, when it is a lost cause.

    Many thanks in advance Chaps (and chapesses)
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    If your mobo only supports 1GB, 512 per slot buy 2 * 512 sticks. This way you have 1GB total.
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    This is fairly typical.

    Memory keeps increasing in 'density', and older BIOSes don't recognise these increased densities. If you can't find a flash upgrade to deal with it then it may be a hardware limitation.

    To handle increased memory means better chips on the motherboard, so this is an upper limit on what you can do.

    According to the specs posted your best bet is getting the 1G changed to a 512M and using that.

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