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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by flex22, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. flex22

    flex22 Gigabyte Poster

    Who would like to take part in a quiz night?

    I've had this idea where we can use skype to speak in realtime over the internet, and take part in a quiz, quizzing each other.

    I've spoken to nugget about this, and he's come up with various ways of going about this, but we've yet to decide on a definite strategy.

    I believe that skype can allow up to six people to take part in a conference simultaneously.
    Therefore we've thought about how to design the quiz night with this factor in mind.

    At the moment, here's a brief overview of the planned quiz nights:

    One member of the quiz group will be designated the host, and will be required to write about 30 questions.
    The topic/topics will be decided by the whole group, and the topics can vary.
    If there's many short questions, then there may be more than 30 questions.

    A question will be posed to the first contestant.If they answer incorrectly, then it will be passed to the enxt contestant, and so on.
    If the first question is answered correctly, then the next contestant will be asked a new question from the hosts array of questions.

    If a question has been around once to every contestant, and is not answered by anyone, then it will be kept by the host to be used on another quiz night.

    That's the basics.

    I'm sure nugget will add his own comments also.

    So, who's up for this then.
  2. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady

    OK, flex has explained it pretty well.

    Just one little point, and that is when the question isn't answered the next person gets the next question otherwise the next person gets 20+ seconds thinking time, the 3rd person 30+ secs etc.

    The nitty gritty can be hammered out later, rounds, points topics etc.

    Who's up for it??

    I'm in[​IMG]
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  3. punkboy101
    Honorary Member

    punkboy101 Back from the wilderness

    Hmmmm, sounds interesting. :D

    Count me in, although not straigh away, as things are a bit up in the air here at the mo. Flex or Nug, I'll let ya know when I'm ready to start. :D

    Well done, nice to see fresh idea's!
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  4. AJ

    AJ 01000001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01101110 Administrator

    Could you not use the chat room for this? Think that Si may need to make some changes to it but think that it would be better!!!! 8)
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  5. Bull Gates

    Bull Gates Byte Poster

    I agree with AJ
    The Chat Room will b a better option than skype.
    Unless Si thinks otherwise.:(
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  6. SimonV
    Honorary Member

    SimonV Petabyte Poster Gold Member

    I have no problems with that at all, its open 24/7 now so make use of it, make sure you thank our premium members also as they have contributed to the cost of the licence to run it. :biggrin

    Also dont forget the calender HERE to post any event times and dates for the quiz nights.
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  7. flex22

    flex22 Gigabyte Poster

    Cool, that's handy.

    How would we work the quiz night in chatroom format?
    Would you suggest doing it as I explained in my first post, or if not, why not and which parts will we have to change.

    Any ideas put them forward here.

    I'll think on this myself also.
  8. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady

    Well to start off, I think the questions will have to be short and with answers given as choose a b c or d type. We would have to have the q's ready typed beforehand as we would then have to copy paste.

    The 10 second limit would be a bit iffy as does this include reading time or just answer time and how long do we give for reading time. Maybe 15 seconds overall including RT providing the q's are reasonably short.

    Also any q's that are not answered should not be asked again as the other participants get a real long time to figure out the answer for later. These could be used for later sessions maybe.

    Possible example of how it could go (with 5 contestants):
    The host for the night writes 25 (shortish) q's and then on the night you are host you ask your q's to the members 1 at a time, 25 q's to 5 members means 5 rounds. The time limit (15 secs) starts from the moment the q is 'pasted'. The participant either answers within the time limit or as soon as the 15 secs are finished the question is closed and classed as a pass. Then the next person gets a new question and so on until the round is finished. Then the winner is the one with the most right. It could be standalone rounds or a carryover event where the points from 5 events are added up. Each participant (6 total) gets to answer in 5 events.

    Any improvements are welcome.[​IMG]
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  9. flex22

    flex22 Gigabyte Poster

    I may be wrong, but I don't think you can paste text into the chat room.
    Anyway I've tried pasting links during the chat, and it never works, though I may be wrong :oops:

    25 questions, so to clarify is that 5 questions each, for five contestants.

    Sounds good to me nugg.I think we're best to just give it a go, and make improvements after the first nights trial.

    Better get some questions written then :D
  10. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady

    flex, you can paste into the chat but just not so much at one time. Also what do we do for a topic and will there be subtopics? Do we write q's at random?

    Was just wondering, seeing as we don't all have the same background. We could decide on topics/subtopics etc and it would give people time to bone up on it. Also we would need to limit it somehow because I could come with 25 Linux q's and AJ with 25 2003 Server q's and we'd all be lost (Phoenix excepted).
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