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Question about aptitude test..

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by jammed24, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. jammed24

    jammed24 Bit Poster

    Dear all, I have just completed an aptitude test, its a job I applied few days ago, the company wanted me to complete such test and also a personality test. I think I done average on the aptitude test..the question I'd like to ask is, if I done average would anyone believe I would still make to the interview stage?

    Also, has anyone done such test before and done average on it but still made to the interview stage?

    any reply appreciated
  2. zeroconf

    zeroconf New Member


    All that I can say is that in my case, which was literally two days ago, I was told that the aptitude test was not a 'pass or fail'. Its main goal was to see how I thought about problems.

    The guy who interviewed me went through it with me afterwards, and explained the parts I didn't get right. Again he reiterated that I didn't have to get all the questions right to move on in the interview process. In other words I was told from the start about how much impact the test would have. It doesn't seem like you have that advantage.

    All I could do was go on his word. I got to the third and final stage, but alas was unsuccessful. Make of that what you will.

    Despite not getting the job, I did actually go home and make sure I understood the answers myself, just for my own satisfaction.

    Hope this helps in some way.


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