Qualified to be a Sales Engineer?

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by MasterDelgado, Jun 6, 2020.

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    Asking for a friend...let's say this friend has the following:

    * Couple of years of Enterprise IT experience.
    * Knowledge of networks, IT security best practice and business "pain points".
    * Professional speaking voice and well-presented.
    * Fast learner able to cert-up if necessary.
    * 1 GB fibre Internet at home + webcam (ie. remote work ready).

    Would this friend be qualified for Sales Engineer jobs? Any Sales Engineers able to chime in with what makes a good one?

  2. You got any sales experience of any kind ?
  3. MasterDelgado

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    Only retail-level and for TV news (convincing people to go to a studio and talk to a camera for free). So, probably none.
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    Apply. You never know, your friend might get lucky :)

    my job is very similar to an SE just with a bonus and not commission. Try to get pre or post sales experience. Grad roles might be an option if you’ve got a degree
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  5. You got any sales experience of any kind ?

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