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Prometric Vouchers - Multiples and Time-Scales?

Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by Killian, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Killian

    Killian Byte Poster

    I'm thinking of tackling the Server 2008 virtualization over the next couple months and have already ordered the MS Press Book for 70-652. I'm also going to get the CBT Series for the 403 & 652 combined.

    My thinking is I'll get a 3 exam pack from prometric (have used a couple in the past) but am unsure how much time has to pass before using the voucher for the 2nd exam? Everytime I've used them before a month or so has already passed whereas with these I'll be looking to sit them in close proximity (70-652, 70-659 & 70-403 SCVMM). Do I need to wait for them to register on the MCP site before the voucher will be valid for another booking? Anyone have any experience with that?

    I'm also wondering about the Virtualization promotion MS are currently running, where the first 1000 to register and use the voucher will get a Technet subscription. Can you use multiple vouchers when booking an exam, e.g. if I book the 652 can I use my exam pack voucher as well as the virtualization promotion voucher for the Technet subscription or do I need to choose between the two?

    Any help is greatly appreciated :)
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