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Discussion in 'Professional Associations' started by tomrayains, May 18, 2011.

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    after being a student member of the IET for the last 3 years i am now looking at becoming a full member (once i graduate)

    However i saw the cost for a IET (MIET) is £120 whereas becoming a BCS member (MBCS) is only £60.

    would i see any advantage from staying with the IET? I do enjoy the magazine they send out and the use of academic resources has also been massively helpful does anyone know of the 'perks' from the MBCS membership?

    From a career perspective would I find it an advantage to remain a member? i probably will try become a full member anyway but im interested if it helps get my foot in the door for an interview being MIET or MBCS

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    In my opinion, they offer relatively the same things (give or take). A couple of things to consider would be membership costs (as you already know) and what type of professional registration/Chartership that each association offers.

    The IET offers: CEng, IEng and the new ICTTech status (this is aimed at ICT Pro's who work at level 3 or above of the SFiA).

    The BCS offers: CEng, IEng, CSci and the CITP status (this is aimed at ICT Pro's who work at level 5 or above of the SFiA).

    I lean over to the BCS more, as I'm a CITP member, but that's just me :)

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