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    How do people keep on top of updates?

    In my role I get a lot of updates, some of which really dont need my attention, however its just the way the company we deal with set out these notifications etc, they are doing some development to try and address this.

    On thing I have noticed is that I can get an email notification and it can contain 1 thing, then the next email can contain about 10 or 15 etc, there is no uniform process really. I will check what I can when I get the chance, however sometimes I will have other things on like projects, ongoing issues and I can be called on to do the library system when that goes down.

    Then someone will ask about an update which I would have checked, however, I would have forgotten about it and then had to look into it again, which would take me off my current task, which is a right pain. At the moment I have started an excel sheet, which I will sort by month, then tell people thats where the updates I have checked are etc.

    However, an excel sheet is pretty drab, does anyone have a better way or know of a tool that would work for my situation? It doesn't have to be any thing fancy, free is always helpful and if its something we can use through Microsoft then that would be class.

    I would like it ideally to be able to get the updates put in, either automatically or manually, it would need to have the article number, a brief description and a brief summary of if the issue has been tested etc. Also it would be great if I could get this so all people had to do was search the article number in the database?

    Any ideas are always welcome


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