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Product: VirtualBox

Discussion in 'Virtual and Cloud Computing' started by Fergal1982, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Fergal1982

    Fergal1982 Petabyte Poster

    VirtualBox appears to be a free virtualisation platform (supplied under the GNU license I believe).

    I havent tested this yet, but for those of you wanting a Virtualisation solution without Paying for VMWare Workstation, you might want to look into this. Its supposedly better than Virtual PC, and VMWare, but I cant verify that.

    I may, if I have some time, take a closer look at the application, and write a bit of a review on it. I'm no expert on Virtualisation though, so if someone who knows it in more depth wants to do a review, id be glad to see what you think.

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  2. no1youknowz

    no1youknowz Bit Poster

    Virtualbox is awesome, its so much better than VMWare Server 1.4.

    It has better support for uptodate linux distros, for example. VMWare Server 1.4 doesnt have RHEL 5 in its list!

    It pretty much has all the features from VMWare Server 1.4 and more!

    - Its must faster than VMWare Server.
    - You can run VirtualBox headless, which means you can have a server in the corner sans monitor and remote control guests via RDP. You cant do this with VMWare Server, you have to use a Window Manager like XFCE, Gnome or KDE. (which means less memory for guests).
    - It has native support for iSCSI disks.
    - If you are running linux desktop, you can run rootless apps from a windows guest.

    Plus its being worked on all the time! Which means, sooner or later it will outclass VMWare Workstation 6!

    I've been using this extensively since 1.4 and its awesome.
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