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Probation period going bad

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by hailstorm, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. hailstorm

    hailstorm Bit Poster

    I thought I'd post just to get this of my chest. I've been in my current job now for about 5 months. It involves driving around to schools in the area and fixing things or installing new systems. The job title is ICT Analyst. Really it should be service technician because that seems more fitting.

    My last review I was told that they are going to extend my probation period or just not continue at all. Aside from messing one job up I did for a school, the other comment I keep on getting is I need to improve my communication. It has been a worry these past few weeks with that hanging over me and I'm not really looking forward to my final review in the next week or two.

    If I'm honest I don't really think the job is the best fit for me. My last job was based within just one company. I was able to spend a good amount of time improving things rather than constant fire fighting.

    I've been looking to see if there is any other work in my area (Gloucestershire) but there is just nothing at the moment. Every agency I've called have just told its quiet at the moment. The one or two jobs that do appear have been swamped with applications or the employer changes their mind and withdraws the position.
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  2. craigie

    craigie Terabyte Poster

    What is the reasoning behind the extension of your probation period?
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  3. hailstorm

    hailstorm Bit Poster

    Well a long list of things. Not communicating with staff during site visits. I've had the comment made that I'm not very approachable and don't use my own initiative. I've forgotten a couple of things so now its been noted that I have a tendency to forget things. Also was told that pace of work isn't fast enough and need to multitask more.

    The biggest mistake was not completing a job properly that ending up with the department having to refund the school £700.

    Most of its fair and some of its just bad luck. If I'm honest I don't really think this job is best suited for me. I need the money though, at least until something else comes along.
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  4. LordMoolyBap

    LordMoolyBap Nibble Poster

    How about talking to them about how you can actually improve on the things they have pointed out to you.
    Tell them you are willing to take it as positive criticism and give them ideas and a plan of how you plan to improve.

    Obviously I don't know the set up of how you work but keeping a diary of calls made, calling in to the office to say where you are, what you are doing and where you are going next is useful, formalising it with a shared diary if possible is also good.

    Also if you have loads of things to do at once never rely on your memory. Write them all down in a diary. If you have a lot on then prioritise which ones need to be done first. If you aren't sure ask your supervisor / manager.

    Try and set up some performance indicators for yourself, if you get a call out how long does it take for you to respond for example.

    Maybe ask them why they feel they can't approach you and talk about it. If they give you real instances of when it is happened it may help.

    It doesn't sound like a bad job to me and I wouldn't like to be out of work at the moment. Also if they're reasons sound a little too flaky it may be worth joining the Union (Like GMB or something) although if you're in probation it is tricky ground.

    I would try and keep positive and just take it as a kick up the back side to improve yourself. You probably know all of the above anyway and just need to do it.

    Good luck!
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  5. aknot

    aknot New Member

    Sounds like a job I had with edit c*ncepts biggest bunch of wasters ever, they didnt even CRB check me but let me in the schools to mess about with all the pupils records, a real shoddy outfit, I hope youre not with them :(
    Certifications: C&G Pt 1&2 IT. 'now going for A+'
  6. hailstorm

    hailstorm Bit Poster

    Thanks for the suggestions Dom. Quite a fair bit of that is already in place anyway. My diary is kept up to date for me. Jobs get booked in weeks in advance. I normally write down any tasks given to me on site.

    I don't think I have any comeback in my probation period. I have been trying to work on the points they made but I just worry it won't be enough.
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  7. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    Unfortunately that's probation periods for you.
    Although I agree with what others have said - try to work on the areas they have highlighted - the reality is they could just get rid of you because they don't like your face.

    As long as they write up enough twaddle they can cover them from any potential comeback.

    But the bottom line is, that if they have some concerns about you now, they are not going to confirm your employment and risk having a work performance/disciplinary case on their hands later which is 100 times harder to deal with.

    Personally, if a new employee were to fail to impress during their probation then they've had their chance.
    In your case extending it just sound like getting some extra work out of you on the cheap before giving you the bad news.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh.
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  8. piccadilly

    piccadilly Byte Poster

    Communication is a key skill in any job. I personally have battles in myself to be a better person at communicating. Do you feel the job is TOO CHIT CHAT, that you are being force into being someone you really are not naturally?

    If so I would say stick at it until the end of probation period, while looking for other work. At least you are gaining experience for your next job, and hopefully a new opportunity will appear soon.

    One last thing, don't give in your notice before a new job unless it becomes really unbearable, and I mean if you feel you on the way to having a breakdown and severe depression. It's not worth digging a hole for yourself in that state of mind if the job is really that bad. You'll know inside yourself if that is the case.

    Good luck.
  9. hailstorm

    hailstorm Bit Poster

    Yes I think that is part of the problem. It usually takes me a while to open up to strangers. As schools have the choice to use whoever they want for their IT support we have to be seen to be selling the service.

    Well end of probation is coming up at the end of this month. Even if its not positive news it will be good to know where I stand.
    Certifications: ACTC, ACSP, MCP, MCDST, MCSA

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