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  1. Powershell scripting as well as automation is something that is mandatory for anyone that is in the systems administration field !

    However how come alot of admins cannot script or know anything about powershell in the industry ?
  2. Juelz

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    You say it's mandatory but then say a lot of system admins can't script.. doesn't this imply it is not mandatory?

    I actually don't know much about sys admin work tbh, not really my area of interest, do these types of jobs ask for scripting knowledge?
  3. FlashDangerpants

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    The job description will probably always request some level of script-fu, and for a Linux sysadmin you really would expect to see evidence of some. In Windows land, you can get by with a lot less, and should be able to talk your way into a sysadmin type role with little or no scripting talent. It's necessary for the team to have some script ability, it might not be essential for the team member.
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  4. dmarsh

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    Essential for linux admins, lot point and click kings in windows land...
  5. Hahha any idiot can become a pro in microsoft technologies by working with them in few years.

    Means nothing

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