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Discussion in 'Just for Laughs' started by jollygreen, Mar 11, 2004.

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    This may be be because I have nothing better to do but I have, as many may have done before me(?), been pondering the following as I consider it is a very important question that concerns all of us and our futures;

    "What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object ?"

    The results of my thoughts upon this are as follows and are slightly worrying;

    As the unstoppable is described as coming into contact or impacting the immovable we will assume the unstoppable is a physical object possessing an infinite amount of undiminishing self perpetuating kinetic energy. An immovable object would therefore by definition require an infinite amount of energy applied to it over an infinite time period to make it move from its current position in an enviroment. We will assume for simplicity this event is taking place within our own 4 dimensional space,ie our own space/time continuum to which we can easily relate.

    As the laws of physics state "..energy cannot be destroyed only changed from one form to another". We can only summise that all energy that exists is a direct result of the Big Bang as before the Big Bang we can only guess that there was the potential for a Big Bang ergo we dont know whether there was any energy of any type we recognise today or there was but it only exists in a potential form.

    With these things considered when the aforesaid unstoppable and immovable collide the infinite kinetic energy of the unstoppable would in the first instance be converted in to infinite amount of heat and sound energy(vibration).Infinite amount of heat energy would perpetuate into infinite amount of light which would radiate out from the event.Unstoppable and immovable suggest that these 'objects' would be unaffected by any amount of heat or vibration.Everything else as we know it would be affected by these forms of energy until 'everything' apart from the unstoppable and the immovable was gone.

    'Everything' (as above) would obviously include the Internet and computers so it wouldnt be worth doing any Certifications.Something you must bear in mind before starting any course of study !

    If anyone considers themselves unstoppable steer clear of immovable stuff ....please :)

    p.s. Could I have some expert points for this advice ?


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    Well, I'm genuinely touched you took the time out to ponder me so deeply, JollyG :oops:

    This question has been asked about my sig more than a few times now - which is exactly the reason that it adopted me....... :idea: :arrow:
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