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    Please read the points below before posting.
    • Please ensure you read the Sales and Swaps Disclaimer before posting in this forum
    • All new threads in this forum are subject to moderation by staff - your thread will not appear until it has been reviewed
    • Do not repeat post if your item has not appeared within 24 hours - it will only be deleted.
    • Include as much detail as possible
    • Post pictures of the item if possible
    • Be advised not to publish your own personal details in public
    • If you're not interested in the item, please do NOT reply to the thread. Unjustified Negative Comments not based on fact will be deleted.
    • PLEASE use caution, ask lots of questions and do your homework before purchasing any item. Point being, DON'T get scammed!
    • Please post that your item is sold when it sells
    • Please make yourself aware of the Rules and Guidelines as these rules apply when posting here

    Please also be aware that posts will only be approved from active members of the forum. This is to ensure that the forum is not spammed by companies or "one hit wonder" members.
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Thread Status:
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