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Ping Nugget

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by ffreeloader, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. ffreeloader

    ffreeloader Terabyte Poster

    I'm moving my reply to get it out of the humor thread, as this is no longer appropriate for that thread.

    Ummm.... I'm saying MS doesn't get the open source business model. The open source business model does make money too. You don't believe it? Ask RedHat(their profits and profit margins have been rising steadily for quite a while now, but have increased even more since MS made the Novell deal), ask Sun(they are moving the majority of their products to open source and seeing their revenues rise quite rapidly ever since they have made the change. They are coming back from irrelevance since they began to move to open source. They had been slowly dying for a long time before they made the move.), and many other open source businesses that are growing, growing rapidly, and making money.

    It seems you don't get any more than MS does. You don't have to treat people and customers like MS does to make money.

    BTW, Walmart sucks. I don't buy anything from them. They move into communities, hire only part time people so they don't have to pay any benefits, and then say how good of benefits all their full time employees get. They run a lot of the little guys out of business in the areas they come into, and actually cause a decrease in the local tax base and the local income levels because of their practice of hiring only part time employees with no benefits. On average, the employees that were employed by the local businesses that have gone under because of Walmart have been paid better, and had better benefits than the jobs that Walmart provides. Walmart does nothing but suck the local communities dry and give nothing back.

    What's more, their way of doing business with suppliers causes most of their suppliers to go under within a year or two. They love to get small suppliers and then become their only customer. After they have done that they start squeezing until the business has no profit left, and since they no longer have any other customers..... Well, you can see the inevitable result. Walmart screws both the communities they have stores in, and the vendors they do business with.

    They are a negative economic force where they exist. They have turned into one big turd as far as I'm concerned.

    A real great business model. NOT! Something to hold up as a real shining business model alright. You think they are so great? Go do business with them and then come back in a year or two and tell me about Walmart's amazing business model. We'll see if you sing the same tune after they've sucked you dry too.
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