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Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Jaron78, Mar 13, 2020.

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    Been at my current company almost two years now.
    Last April, I had my appraisal and they advised that they wanted me to get my CCNA with the time frame of a year. I was doing it anyway, but didn't tell them that.

    So, long story short, I got my CCNA on the 21st of Feb 2020. High Fives and back-slaps all round at work. Exactly one week later, I get an email from HR, are you free for a meeting with the head of HR and the head of Infrastructure. I know they are looking for a Network Engineer so more than happy to attend.

    Turns out I'm not getting the engineer role at all, I am in fact, being made redundant. Was given 2 Options:
    1. Take 6 Weeks pay, Share's (Which are worthless until the company floats) and walk now,
    2. Resign with a 3 Month notice period with Shares and leave when the right role comes through.
    I've chosen the latter. Gives me three months to find the perfect role (Well, 11 Weeks and 3 days).

    I've managed to get a couple of interviews, but it all feels like the same sort of thing. Its all second line work. I'm looking more at Networking (I don't want to be just a paper CCNA) or Server work to expand my knowledge and I don't seem to be attracting that sort of role. I'm 42 now and don want to be sitting here in three years time still work as "IT Support".

    I had an Interview with an MSP yesterday and they sound AMAZING. Really like the sound of the role, but I would have to take a 10k paycut! Not really something I can do.

    Any suggestions?
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    And I have no idea why I spelt pigeon with a d.
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    Hey @Jaron78

    I'm really sorry to hear this news, but I think you've done all that you could. You got the certification first before the pressure was on, I'm a huge fan of this. Get prepared, feel confident, know your stuff because you never know what's going to happen. Recently my employer let some literally world class people go. It wasn't them, it was just strategic cuts in areas where they worked. They all got snapped up quickly and a bit of stress aside, likely got a good pay off and walked into at least the same money going forwards.

    Moving up a level can be really tough. I struggled to do this for a while too, when I was viewed as an all rounder and I still did work on Mainframes. The right opportunity will come up mate, don't settle. The MSP sounds great but £10k drop, harsh that. I'd consider a smaller drop though if something comes up, which it will. You're probably in that tough spot where you're very highlighly skilled 2nd line, but unproven at 3rd line on paper. Keep at it mate and don't be afraid to take chances or go for gigs out of your compfort zone. If I read my job description for what I do, I'd think, I can't do that, yet I won the best one of me in the world (for a quarter) last year.

    Be brave, be bold, you've got a great attitude. Keep practising what you know, keep on with the learning and lab work. It's what you know practically that will make all the difference in a network interview I reckon.

    You've got plenty of time. Also don't devalue yourself or think well that's paying this amount, I'm not worth that. That's the one thing I've learned recently, I'm 40. I think old school, if I'm on that much, I'd have to be amazing. It doesn't work like that. There's guys around me on way more than me and I do more than they do. It's got nothin to do with nothin.

    Best of luck
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    Morning Sir,

    Massive apologies for the lack of response. I liked the comment, started to respond then the cat threw up on the dog! (Seriously).

    They have said its business related and nothing personal. Im not the only one so kinda feel better about that. Still sh!t though.
    Im 100% applying for stuff out my league (as well as Desktop Support stuff).

    I still have 11 weeks of full time employment so I am making the most of things like Linked In Learning. Also hitting the applications every day. Something will come up.

    Just want something in place to make me feel better :)

    Thanks mate, Really appreciate the comments.
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    If getting hired directly into the team of your choice isn't going great, you can prioritise companies that at least have such a team. It's much easier to make a lateral move of that sort. Plus if you are on a service desk for a while, everyone knows the other teams will plunder from there.

    CCNA level network skills is good for all sorts of roles other than actual networking too. Virtualisation, infra, cloud, devops, security dudes and so on all can benefit from a little tcp handshaking and IP routing knowhow.
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  6. Jaron78

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    That makes sense. I have a few months yet (Which is lucky with COVID-19) so I don't have to rush into anything.
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    Sorry to hear about the redundancy.

    I handed in my notice early this week due to IR35 but turns out government has delayed the changes.

    I'm currently dealing with some health issues at the moment which is why I left and plan to go part time.

    I secured a local part time job so I can take a bit of a break and learn new skills but due to the virus I'm seeing a lot of people loosing their jobs and some people having job offers been withdrawn. I'm a bit worried now.
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    I'm real sorry to hear that Jaron.. if anyone deserves to "get on", its you, you work really hard at these certs. However I am sure that you will be posting here soon to tell us about the amazing role you've landed, as one door closes another opens.
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  9. Jaron78

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    Thank you mate, I really do appreciate that.

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