PayPal horror stories

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by Aureilius, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. Aureilius

    Aureilius Byte Poster

    I'm not entirely sure yet but I suspect I've lost £4 in a PayPal transaction, maybe I'll get it back.

    I'm sure the ebayer sent the refund. He sent me a receipt.

    Anyway, I came across these

    Whether positive or negative, I'd love to hear of your PayPal experiences.

    Thanks :)
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  2. moominboy

    moominboy Gigabyte Poster

    i haven't had any probs using paypal so far but i only use it for ebay.
    interesting reading in those links tho...:dry
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  3. Arroryn

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed Moderator

    I haven't had any bad experiences with Paypal myself, and have seen the site.

    No offense to anyone posting on it - but I do, however, receive a lot of spoof emails that are very good imitations of the Paypal official contacts. I wonder how many of these complaints are from people that have been sucked in by fraudulent emails.

    There was an email contact I received once, almost spot on - except the email link on it was for a .ru domain. Hmmm... :dry
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  4. Missy

    Missy Byte Poster

    Hi Arroryn,
    I bought something and paid for it through Paypal, well for 6 weeks i kept getting about 3 emails a day saying i owed them money, so every day i would send them a copy of the transaction plus receipts..:-(
    This got really silly when one day i got 6 emails, all the other ones i had saved in a file, so I did a reply on one of them telling them that if they didnt stop sending me email i would return there emails in bulk,:-) which i did, i sent 35 email one at a time.
    And guess what.... I didnt hear from them again..
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  5. Boycie
    Honorary Member

    Boycie Senior Beer Tester


    Sorry to hear of your recent bad experience but I have to say they are normally very good.
    Are you sure the buyer actually refunded you? I know they said they did, could you ask them to see their receipt from Paypal? Recently I had a refund via paypal and they put the money back on my card straight away.
    Hope you sort it out.
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  6. Aureilius

    Aureilius Byte Poster

    Hi Boyce.

    I agree, up until now it's been fine. The seller has a 100% positive feedback & has been in touch via e-mail. Actually he's been very patient about the whole thing. He say's he's sent a receipt out & the PayPal account holder (my mother-in-law) confirms this.

    There has been a hold on the transaction for about a week now, so I'm not sure what's happening.

    I'm not too worried about £4, it's just the idea of the money being in limbo I find a bit odd!

    Anyway, glad to see that most of you have had a positive rather than a negative experience :)
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  7. Missy

    Missy Byte Poster

    I think someone at Paypal, in a office somewhere in the basement, got bored one day, and started to take the p*+*
    and have a laugh.
    This was 8mths ago.
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  8. kinger247

    kinger247 Bit Poster

    That’s funny because about 2 mths ago I had an email from Paypal saying that someone had filed a claim against me for about £45, for goods there never received …
    I’d never heard of them, and never sold anything (at the time) for £45.

    This was confirmed even when logging into my account at Paypal.

    Paypal gave me 9 days to resolve the matter with this other person and gave me 2 options only (ie 2 radio buttons and 1 submit …)

    Option 1 : Refund the guy.
    Option 2 : Show proof of postage via a postage reference

    I couldn’t/wouldn't do either !!!!

    After sending Paypal 2/3 emails regarding this :box , 8 days later, they confirmed it had been resolved. How I don’t know …

    But way really pi**ed me off was the fact that I could have easily pressed one button to take £45 from my account :x
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  9. Neall

    Neall Byte Poster

    Makes you think. Its all too easy for mix ups to happen and its getting harder and harder to argue with these companies :dry
    Dont even get me starting on my f**king bank! :)
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