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    I've got a few threads to reply to on here, but I'm on phone and heading to see Noel Gallagher this evening so I'll reply to them in the morning. Locked myself away for the past month preparing for this, received my voucher last night and sat the exam about half an hour ago.

    Passed with a 917 with 45 minutes to spare. Shocked by how straight forward the exam actually was. To be fair I've just come out of doing CCENT & sec+ so there's huge crossover, but yeah. I was expecting a bit more of a challenge. Although there were a few tricky questions in there.

    SecOPs up next. Hopefully I can get it boxed off by month end
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    Congratulations and have a great night. Well done you
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    Congrats mate :)
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    So was the study over the top for the exam?
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    Congratulations on the pass! Am working through a basic cybersecurity MOOC myself so your success is very encouraging!
  6. Pseudonym

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    Thanks guys.

    SimonD - Yes. The study was over the top. But the course was also brilliant. Thoroughly informative & enjoyable. I learned a lot

    I finished the SECOPS course quite some time ago, but I can't get an exam voucher until the 31st. So finally getting back to replying to threads on here.

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