passed my Az-900 exam ! My thoughts on Certifications

Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by aushus, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. aushus

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    Hey All !

    I passed my Az-900 exam !

    I needed 700 to pass and i got something like 710 !

    It was a challenge and I just made it by a hair !

    I did not study for the exam, used my real world knowledge, my labbing experience, and the Microsoft Virtual Webinar as well as the free plural sighte videos ! Also the free Az-900 guide in the MS site.

    It feels good ! As this was the first certification I achieved after i stopped pursuing industry certs as they are worthless now because people dump and cheat on them making it so anyone could get them !

    Why pay for an exam and study and pass the right way and the hard way when chumps dump !

    I worked for many Microsoft partners mind you these were partners that won Microsoft awards and stuff and are well reputed ! They actually get their emloyees to pass by taking dumps and they encourage them to cheat !

    Why ? So they could get the partner competencies, whenever these retards pass they get a salary increase or some money.

    I seen dudes with no knowledge of what the technology is, get 5 certifications in 2 weeks !

    These retards thinks thats how certifications work, they also do not consider it cheating !!

    It is funny how they brag and say i got this and i got that. One firm i went in for an interview said you got to certified in this MS technology or we wont give you any work with our customers, when all they do is cheat to get the exam. Im like whats the point in getting certified brah?

    Will I sit a Microsoft exam in the future? Absolutely ! If it was free ! I got to sit this as I attended their webinar.

    Why ? Because I love a challenge ! I dont care if I fail ! I want my skills to be validated the right way ! I have failed many times before in certs.

    I know MS as well as other vendores know their certs are worthless due to dumping. I hope they could take some measures to stop this. Back when mcse nt 4 came out as well as in the 90s, there was less access to the internet and stuff and there were no dump products

    Back then certs meant something, my only wish is for the industry to get back to these standards !
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  2. dmarsh

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    Some of the dumps used to come from bent test centers, doubt that is going to change, internet or no internet.

    There is little point learning to play a game, once you realize the table is tilted, the game is rigged.

    I took it as a wider lesson on life, corruption exists everywhere in society, people in society lie and cheat. You have to learn how best to deal with it.

    Some people still think that some muslims with box cutters took down three buildings with two planes. That the MSM tells the truth. That the government exists for the people. Learn to spot the lies...
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  3. aushus

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    Hahahah yeah and the americans went to the fucking moon


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