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    Well.. after failing EX300 back in 2020, I decided to pick myself up and get this thing done before my RHCSA expires at the end of the month. Passed with a 271/300, and I'm extremely relieved. I wouldn't have sat it again if I'd failed. Another £600 was too much to justify on tech I may rarely, or never use in production moving forward.

    Took me a long ass time. The old EX300 was a linux sysadmin cert. EX294 on the other hand is all ansible so I had to learn everything from scratch.

    Something I learned from failing EX300 - prepping for a live environment exam like RHCE needs to be very different to prepping for a traditional IT cert (multiple choice, scenarios etc.) Previously I would spend at least 50% of the time reading and the rest of the time would be spent doing labs and practice exams. With RHCE, I read through the study guide once and just labbed every day for several months spending most of that labbing time doing practice exams, and just figuring out the solutions using the ansible documentation - which is available on the exam.

    For resources, I read the Sander Van Vugt guide and used his practice exams, used the lisenet practice exam and spent a lot of time working with the ansible-doc command - as well as the online documentation. My experience studying for EX300 was very helpful as well, some of the objectives are worth covering before starting this. Primarily webserver, firewall, selinux stuff.

    Advice I would give is just find as many practice exams as possible once you've got the basics down and create your own practice exams on the objectives. Also, get very comfortable using tmux using ansible-doc

    Looking at OSCP next, but I've got no intention on putting any time pressure on it. Could take me years, but I I've wanted to do this for a long time - and I like to stick to my plans. I'm also looking at doing the Odin Project - javascript path when I get a minute.

    I'd say this is my first DevOps sort of cert, and I'm about to celebrate my 3 year DevOps anniversary so it's a nice way to mark it.

    Anyone else working on anything?
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    Congratulations and thank you for the write up. I’ll be renewing some of my VMware certifications this year and I need to get a move on. It’s nearly April already. Crazy how fast time is going
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    Congrats on the pass and keeping at it easy to stop once you fail an exam and move on to something different.
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    Excellent news on the pass mate - Well done
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    Thanks guys and sorry for the late reply.
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    Late congrats on the pass :)
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