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Passed Comptia A+

Discussion in 'A+' started by Georgiesickjitz, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Georgiesickjitz

    Georgiesickjitz Byte Poster

    Hi Guys, just wanted to let every one know that after all the hard work I have put in,I have passed the comptia A+. I began to Home study for it in January this year. Rain or shine I would put atleast 2 hours a night study time in. My day consisted of Getting up,have a bath,then go to work as a carpenter during the day. Even when I got home,with no energy left ,i would still find enough to spend a couple of hours with my children. put them to bed. I would have my head in a book,or watch a video whilst taking notes,downloading or buying any piece of information i could get my hands on. After ten years of carpentry,and little or no studying involved, I found it very difficult getting my head around all the new information that had to be learnt for the A+. But with shear grit and determination, things started piecing together. Things started to relate,then before i knew it i was having technical conversations with friends in the industy. June passed and i came to the realisation that the material i was learning{601,602} was soon to expire as there was the new syllabus. So I had to the end of August. At this point I felt a little disgruntled and demotivated. After a week of not doing any study,there was something missing in my life. Resigning my self that i would take a fast track 2009 A+ course in a few months. Another week passed with no study ,excuses coming out of every oraphis. When some thing sparked.I went straight on the internet and booked both of my A+ exams. Using lots of different practice exams,delving into the possible questions and areas I would really need to pass these exams were set as a priority in my life.I was waking up an extra hour in the morning just to study,and putting in more time on my tea breaks at work. Leading up to the first exam, I was very apprehensive, just the not knowing. The day came.I walked back to the car after the exam and my partner asked WELL!!!!!! I played it really cool and said.....I passed. we were so so happy,it really made my year.I had the next exam set a month later. Two weeks later i had a day off work,then decided to reshedule the exam early for that day.Half way through the 602, I honestly thought I had failed. Untill revising the questions at the end.I thought"well thats right,that ones right,ooo and that".Any way coming out of the exam i didnt look at the screen telling me If I had passed or not. and The guide asked how i did ,I replied i dont think too well.As he came back with my score,he said "dude you have trumped it" This for me was so sureal,after all that hard work, Iv finally passed.And what a great felling to know that I didnt use any classroom lecturers,no fast track tutition,I did it all by my self. The next step for me is Start applying for jobs,whilst studying the CCNA.
    Certifications: CompTIA A+,CompTIA Network
  2. Notes_Bloke

    Notes_Bloke Terabyte Poster

    Congrats on the passes:thumbleft

    It's good to hear feedback like yours - as it shows the folks starting out that it is possible to self study and pass the A+ cert.

    Regarding the CCNA - I would advise you to study the Network+ cert instead, as this would be more beneficial in helping you to land that first role.

    Certifications: 70-210, 70-215, A+,N+, Security+
  3. Shizzle

    Shizzle Bit Poster

    Well done.

    Did you have any poorly written questions where there are multiple answers but only two are selectable? My exam cram has quite a few of those. I know this is to be found anywhere but that is sort of inexcusable for a certification exam.
  4. reddevil12

    reddevil12 Megabyte Poster

    Well done mate :clap
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    WIP: 70-270 / 70-680
  5. veloce

    veloce Byte Poster

    well done mate,

    proof if proof were needed, of the benefits of self-study.
    Certifications: A+
    WIP: BSc Hons Computing & IT
  6. asoe209

    asoe209 Nibble Poster

    Well done, its people like you that are making me want to push for this even more and i hope to share my pass with you all some day.
    Certifications: City & Guilds level PC repar 1 & 2
    WIP: Comptia A+
  7. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    I agree with NB's assessment. And congrats!
    Certifications: CISSP, MCSE+I, MCSE: Security, MCSE: Messaging, MCDST, MCDBA, MCTS, OCP, CCNP, CCDP, CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CNE, SCSA, Security+, Linux+, Server+, Network+, A+
    WIP: Just about everything!
  8. Georgiesickjitz

    Georgiesickjitz Byte Poster

    Thank you for the possitve feedback. In reguards to the CCNA,I am now re-evaluating my options. It seems that many people I know are also agreeing and saying the Network + Is the next logical step.I think I will have a week of lounging around watching movies before I start the studying again. Even tho im like an excitable child at christmas,wanting to delve right in.I will take my partners advice and have a little break.

    Good luck to every one studying the A+. My advice would be,I know it seems impossible to self study,but once you start,it gets easier and easier. And you will save lots of money doing this.Take the chance and after a week you will be on your path to passing.

    Material I used was

    :Mike Meyers complete A+{forgive me if thats not the correct name}I didnt get through the whole book, but for periphials,different cables ,jacks etc,this was excellent.

    :Trainsignals video learning{For me watching rather than reading suited me best}A great insight,and i learnt a lot from these videos

    :lots of practice exams.I literally spent days practising and learning the material in these exams.
    Certifications: CompTIA A+,CompTIA Network
  9. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    What sort of practice exams? You mention a specific book and a specific video set... but no mention of a specific practice exam...
    Certifications: CISSP, MCSE+I, MCSE: Security, MCSE: Messaging, MCDST, MCDBA, MCTS, OCP, CCNP, CCDP, CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CNE, SCSA, Security+, Linux+, Server+, Network+, A+
    WIP: Just about everything!
  10. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    Congrats on the pass dude! you deserve it!
    Certifications: A+ | CCA | CCAA | Network+ | MCDST | MCSA | MCP (270, 271, 272, 290, 291) | MCTS (70-662, 70-663) | MCITP:EMA | VCA-DCV/Cloud/WM | VTSP | VCP5-DT | VCP5-DCV
  11. Kopite_21

    Kopite_21 Gigabyte Poster

    Congrats on the pass, good luck for the future...
    Certifications: National Diploma IT Advanced ECDL
    WIP: A+
  12. chuckles

    chuckles Kilobyte Poster

    Congrats on the pass!
    Certifications: '07/'09 A+, N+, S+
    WIP: maybe something Apple
  13. xadusx

    xadusx New Member

    Congratulation! You just inspired me big time! Thank you!
  14. Killian

    Killian Byte Poster

    Congratulations on the pass bud. Network+ is interesting so have fun if you go down that route :)
    Certifications: See sig.
    WIP: Everything!

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