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Discussion in 'A+' started by MasterDelgado, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. MasterDelgado

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    Last week I passed 801 & 802 to get A+ certified. I booked the exams 4 weeks ago and spent the remaining time watching Professor Messer videos and taking notes and doing practice exams (from the Mike Meyers book and from Measure Up) until I was fed up of taking practice exams.

    I had the Meyers A+ cert book since 2013 and went through a few of the core sections and took notes - but re-writing the book in note form was an old study habit of mine and with the end of the 801/802 series looming, I decided to book the exams and somehow brute force the required knowledge into my head (hence taking practice test after practice test).

    The biggest help was actually having built and re-built my own gaming PC as some of the topics on the tests actually happened to me as I was building my rig.

    Now I'm A+ certified, I'm not going to magically have an IT job land in my lap so I spent a couple of days applying online to anything that remotely resembles Tier 1 Help Desk in my local area. I am also starting on my next set of certifications - will probably be something from a vendor like Cisco or Microsoft to improve my chances a bit more.
  2. Ce127

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    Congratulations, Delgado, and welcome to CertForums!

    The A+ is the start of the slippery but exciting slope of certs to slowly help leverage your career up :), but you've already acknowledged that the cert alone will not get you the job.Maybe Google your local county council volunteering opportunities and look for I.T related posts.
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  3. Kopite_21

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    Welcome to CF and congrats on the pass.
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  4. Apexes

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    Congrats mate,

    Start out on the basics with Cisco and MS, and that'll nicely compliment your A+ exam.

    Good luck on the job hunt :)
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  5. MasterDelgado

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    Thanks a lot. Decided on aiming for Network+ next - bought the Mike Meyers book and everything.
  6. stalemate

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    A+ is a gateway certification... you'll be hooked for the rest of your career now. :francis:

    Well done on the exam, and good luck on your next one!
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  7. KanduIT-Scott

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    The first cert is always the hardest, you never quite feel ready enough beforehand but afterwards you realise how well prepared you actually were, this will make the rest much easier. As for getting the first job, your CV is already 1000% better with that first cert on there (from an IT perspective) and often it is just showing that you have the ability and attitude to stick something out, completing and passing it, that means a lot to an employer. Well done mate and I'm sure you'll be in IT in no time.
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