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Discussion in 'A+' started by roost3r, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. roost3r

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    Hi all,
    Just wondered if anyone knows what percentage you need to get for the a+ exams as thinking about going ahead and sitting soon as was curious on what mark u need to pass


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  2. hbroomhall

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    These are on the CompTIA web site.

    IIRC they are 505 and 515 for Core and OS respectively.

    These are not percentages - and CompTIA uses weighting for questions. A good rule of thumb for 'practice' exams is 80%.

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  3. roost3r

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    thanks mate will check it out
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  4. Tcat

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    Weighted questions? I don't think so anymore. Used to be!

    515 for core, 505 for O/S.

    Scale is 100-900. In other words you get 100 points for having a pulse. 80 Questions. 900 max, - the 100 for having a pulse comes out to about 10 points per question. Scores from my students suggest part credit for the multiple answers correct. That would be Check box, not radio dial.

    The math suggests you need just over 50% correct. This is an indication of the difficulty of determining what they want to know.

    As I said in another thread, they have "how long is a rope?" Questions. For example: lets say you want to reset the CMOS data. Would pulling the battery work? Sure. Just leave it out a while so if the system has a capicator on board to protect the CMOS from a battery change it discharges.

    However, for CompTIA that is not a correct answer. It's use the jumper (forgetting the fact that some builds don't have a clearly marked jumper or even right next to the battery to make it easy to deduce...)

    A radio dial question that includes both yank the battery and use the jumper will cause a bit of hair yanking in the test.
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