Part 2 – Configuring Site Recovery Manager (SRM) With HP StoreVirtual VSA

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    OK, so I feel like I short changed you a bit on my last blog post Part 1 – Configuring Site Recovery Manager (SRM) With HP StoreVirtual VSA as I did’t mention what the heck the Storage Replication Adapter does.

    Think of the Storage Replication Adapter as the ‘link’ between your storage vendor’s hardware and SRM. Essentially it allows SRM to peer down into the murky depths of your SAN and issue commands which would otherwise need to be done by the administrator. I think an example is in order, the best one I can think of is when we use SRM to do a test failover (something which we will do later). SRM uses the SRA to allow you to replicate recent changes to the DR site, then it takes a snapshot of the read only replicated volume, changes it to read/write. How cool’s that we just ‘click the button test’.

    Right now that’s covered off, let’s jump into vCenter. Launch vCenter and you will see, err nothing different. Why’s that? well we need to install the plug in for VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Extension.

    Click Plug-Ins from the top menu bar in vCenter and then Manage Plug Ins

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