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    A Panda walks into a restaurant and orders
    the Chef Salad and a glass
    of wine. Upon finishing his meal,

    he pulls out an Uzi and fires at everything
    in sight, virtually destroying the establishment.

    The owner, hearing the gunfire, comes running
    from the kitchen.

    "Hey! Why did you go and shoot up my restaurant, man?"

    "I'm not a man, I'm a Panda,"calmly answers the Panda.

    "So you're a Panda," yells the proprietor,

    "what right does that give you
    to destroy my business?"

    "Look it up in the dictionary...I gotta go,"replies the Panda,
    who then strolls out of the restaurant.

    Fumbling under the bar, the owner finds a dictionary,

    thumbs through the P's until he finds:

    Panda,a white and black bearlike animal of asia; eats shoots and leaves.
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