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Other users profiles

Discussion in 'Software' started by TurtleBot, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. TurtleBot

    TurtleBot Bit Poster


    Im an System support admin for a company in chicago and one of my jobs is to go into other users folders and set up others users profiles through outlook on my PC.
    What i was wondering is if they can see me moving and reading there emails on there PC if they have there outlook open?
    My job gets boring sometimes and i'd like to read them and get all the gossip scoops around the office:)
    Don't get me wrong this won't be for anything malicious! just for my own personal fun:)

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  2. Finkenstein

    Finkenstein Kilobyte Poster

    Not that I condone any snooping at all... but if you are really looking to browse emails and you are an Exchange admin, there is a way using OWA... and Google may help (you do need to be and admin though). If you are just going through emails, yes they should be able to see them go from unread to read. Also, I'm not sure if it is a default log or what, but we can see who ever accesses what parts of another users mailbox. All I have to say is if you are snooping around, be careful... it could be a big legality and a career limiting move.

    ...now snooping personal drives is another thing... :)
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  3. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    Yep... most IT managers who I have known would fire you for an offense like that. Not only can the client see e-mails going from unread to read to unread, but Exchange tracks mailbox access. Plus, if auditing is enabled, all that stuff is logged.

    The only defensible reason to go snooping in an e-mail box is to find the source of a malware infection or to address a complaint made by a direct supervisor (and then, only under their supervision).
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  4. Fergal1982

    Fergal1982 Petabyte Poster

    Its actually a breach of a persons basic human rights regarding privacy. The only person who has the authority to decide that you can enter their mailbox is a) the user in question - usually as a result of a service request to fix a problem, but other circumstances, like having their secretary given access, can apply too. and b) HR, usually in response to the belief (as a result of some investigation work of their own) that they contain information/emails that are either illegal, or against the computer use policy. American law, with concern to their enhanced rights, may well be much more strict than even this. You may be living in England, but you are working on American systems, so I suspect that their legal system would hold juristiction.

    Such intrustions into a users email account must be done carefully, and with respect to their privacy. You should not discuss with anyone but HR/the user the contents of their email account insofar as naming them (ie 'Guess what, Joe Bloggs has 2GB of porn in his inbox'). You may discuss, as per confidentiality rules, the case in general terms with more or less anyone you wish, without breaching their rights to privacy (ie 'Guess what, I investigated a user today with 2GB of porn in his inbox!').

    All entries to a users email account will most likely be logged, and you could be fired for such actions. Apart from that, its Highly unethical (I sure as hell would never hire someone like yourself if I knew you had tendencies to do something like that).
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