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Discussion in 'Software' started by IThurts, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. IThurts

    IThurts Kilobyte Poster

    I have wondered what the big deal is with Linux and these other open source OS's.

    Can someone give me some idea as to what advantage Linux/other OS could give me over windows?(without people frothing at the mouth :) )

    And which do you use?

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  2. Stoney

    Stoney Megabyte Poster

    Well for a start they are free (in most cases), and a lot of the applications that are written for them are free also.

    Most viruses etc are targeted at Windows based operating systems, so this automatically reduces the threat of attack on your system. Also the LINUX system is more secure than Windows.

    LINUX o/s tend to to use less resources to run than Windows, so you can run LINUX on a lower spec machine with no reduction in performance.

    I'm no LINUX expert but it is something I am keen to use in the near future. No doubt Freddy will be a long shortly to give you a few more plus points.

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  3. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    I tried ubuntu once but I didn't have any need for it and am happy with xp so I got rid.
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  4. IThurts

    IThurts Kilobyte Poster

    Can linux run games...:blink ? Like the windows based games....stupid question really when i think about it
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  5. Raffaz

    Raffaz Kebab Lover Gold Member

    Ive tried ubuntu in the past and i think its a great OS, the problem i have is that i would have to re-learn from scratch on how to use it properly and i havent got the time.
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  6. demarrer

    demarrer Byte Poster

    I installed Ubuntu (gusty) about 4 months ago switching from xp. I think its true that it uses less resources than xp.

    If found that after using windows, using linux for the first time was a BIG shock to the system. As first, basic tasks like installing programs, for example, seemed almost impossible. So even though you have a task bar etc it differs greatly when you start to scratch the surface.

    However, other things are easier. For example bought a new printer the other week and just plugged it into the machine and it worked - it was so easy it was almost frightening. It took a while to get into my head that no you don't have to install 200Mb of software drivers etc before using the thing lol. Also once you start to use the terminal you realise that linux is a very powerful OS - even though the terminal still scares me lol.

    To say its better than windows? I think its horses for courses.
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  7. ffreeloader

    ffreeloader Terabyte Poster

    If you really want to dig into the guts of an OS there is nothing like open source. It's the best learning tool around as everything is wide open for you to both look at and play with. Using Linux will increase your computer skills.

    As far as games go, well, I'm not a gamer so I don't pay much attention to that area. But, I've read that there are several mainstream games that have Linux versions with a few more on the horizon, and others that can be run inside Wine, albeit if you run inside Wine you do get a performance hit. How much? I really don't know. I doubt it's more than 10% though.

    As far as installing software goes, it's easier to install software in Ubuntu and Debian than in Windows. You can do it from either the gui or the command line, and you don't have to search the internet to find it. For example, Debian has more than 18,000 software packages in their repositories. Software package management is dead simple when using the Apt system created in Debian and also used by Ubuntu.
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  8. michael78

    michael78 Terabyte Poster

    I think Linux is fantastic for general use if you just want a PC for surfing the internet and typing a few letters etc. I couldn't move over to Linux 100% due to me being a gamer and Linux just not having the support of the gaming industry.

    I'm still very impressed with Ubuntu and have it installed on my 2nd PC and when I get a EeePC or MSI Wind (Who thought of that name should be shot) I'll probably install Ubuntu on it as well.
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  9. ThomasMc

    ThomasMc Gigabyte Poster

    My linux box runs great games :p ok so its really my ps3 that runs the games but one menu change on the ps3 and the Yellow dog sparks too life giving me the best of both
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  10. OceanPacific

    OceanPacific Byte Poster

    Yeah, I agree with that statement. Ive had alot of experience with Linux and while I think it has its place, Im a windows user. Windows just works for me, but I really like Linux alot and it makes a great Desktop OS. I cant honestly say that one is more or less difficult than another, I think its *different* You have to think linux, and not windows. However, I will say that apt-get is probobly one of the greatest inventions of the last 10 years, making it stupid-easy to install applications and drivers. I wish windows had that!!!:dry

    Its really in personal preference. If your completely happy with windows, then thats cool. But I would say since your here (on this forum, which means you want or do have a career in technology) already, and you havent used linux...then you should. If nothing else, boot Ubuntu or Slax or DamnSmall off a Live CD.
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  11. IThurts

    IThurts Kilobyte Poster

    I think that would be my issue too :cry:
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  12. The_Geek

    The_Geek Megabyte Poster

    I've been running Fedora since version 3 (MANY moons ago). It can be a little of a learning curve with you first jump into is because you're used to Bill's way of thinking. I'm not by any means saying Fedora is the best. It's just what I started on when I was in telecommunications a time ago and it's what I know.

    The ONLY reason I still have an XP box is because there are a few Boy Scout programs that do not have Linux counterparts (yet). :D

    And speaking from a network admin point of view, if you know Linux you just made yourself more valuable. Look at all the headlines lately announcing huge companies making the jump to Linux.

    As for gaming, I can run Warcraft in Wine with no issues (when I play).
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