oops, just read your got the job post.

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by mikesta, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. mikesta

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    What a prat I am.
    That`ll teach me to write stuff after too many glasses of vino and not look properly whats there already! :eek: Mucho Congrats SimonV :super :thumbleft Howd you manage to get them to put you on 42 week contract you jammy bugger. Mine 52 week contract but a few adjustments from me(hols etc) and my pay will jump quite considerably anually if performance ok. Public sector definately way behind in pay stakes, but considering I`ve gone from wagon driving, to getting first IT job applied for which is in the town where I live, and have now picked up the Network Managers job, I really shouldnt complain :rainfro
    For the first time in my life I can actually say I really enjoy my job, which counts for a lot. Congrats again mate, and to everyone studying and thinking "I`ll never get an IT job", there really are plenty of jobs out there, just keep plugging away :?
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  2. mikesta

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    PS. Start from May 1st. I know thats a saturday, but we`re salaried and get paid monthly.
  3. SimonV
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    Congratulations Mikesta, feels good don't it. I was on a 52 week contract before but for some reason only known to them they changed it for this job 2 days before the interview and raised the pay 5 scales! :D I'm not going argue with that. The worst thing is the best time to get things done is when the kids are off and nobody's around but I'm sure I'll fit things in somehow.

    All the best of luck mate and drop in here if you need to ask anything, I've made some great additions to our network with the help of the guys here.
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