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Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Bluerinse, Sep 13, 2005.

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    Yesterday I visited a customer with a two year old computer running Windows XP Pro SP2 with all critical updates loaded. The main problem was that the machine kept losing time and date but there was also a problem with pop ups and unwanted tool bars - Malware!

    It took me about ten minutes to change the CMOS battery and re-set the BIOS configuration.

    It took me three hours to eradicate or should I say hopefully eradicate the Malware. This is how easy it was...

    I turned off system restore and ran a fully updated AVG it found some stuff but not all

    I then ran the Macafee superdat in safe mode, it found some more but not all

    I then ran Spybot S&D, a full scan and it found lots of critical stuff but not all

    I ran Adaware, deep scan and it found more stuff but not all

    I ran Xoftspy and it found even more stuff but the gambling banner and pop ups were still there :eek:

    I installed and ran Microsoft's Anti-spyware beta. Guess what is found even more stuff but not all!!

    I had to specifically search the net for removal tools..

    I loaded swizzor fix and it fixed the swizzor virus

    I loaded and ran Lop remover and it finally got rid of the pesky spyware.

    I have now installed SpywareBlaster and updated it.

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    tell me about it m8! i started a thread asking for help on winfx a while ago for my mate, i spent around a total of about 6.5 hours trying everything i could think of but no joy.

    then the lucky git found spyware nuker which was the *only* one to find and remove this bad boy. :cussing

    suppose a lot of new spy/ad/malware is just too good for one program to do everything

    here's the thread i meant , it's got a good lot of various links and stuff . click here
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    Thank you for the detailed and informative post! :) 8)
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    Yeah... about 80% of my home user callouts are Malware related.

    Over the last few months ive found it increasingly difficult to remove them.

    Its getting to the stage where its now easier and less time consuming to do a full format / reinstall (not that im complaining). :)

    I feel its only going to get worse too :/

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    Another reason to use Linux :D
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