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On Hold

Discussion in 'A+' started by Duckie, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Duckie

    Duckie Nibble Poster

    After careful consideration I've decided to do something that I'm sure you'll all think is mad... put my A+ studies on hold and do the MCDST first :oops:

    I'm doing fine with the OS stuff but as for Hardware, well I'm terrible with it. I am finding it hard to get to grips with. I can't really see me passing it anytime within the next year and I know I'm going to need to devote a *lot* of time to studying it.

    Now I'm not giving up as such and fully intend to come back to it as obviously it's a great cert and is a requirement for my dream job (along with being able to drive which is also on my hit-list). But for now I'm going to turn my attention to doing the MCDST cert. I'm much much better at the OS and software side and it’s more immediately relevant to what I want to do and I think will be of benefit in the shorter term.

    I’ve bought the MS Training Kit for the XP OS exam and have made a start and so far so good.

    Certifications: MCDST, MOS 2003
  2. Luddym

    Luddym Megabyte Poster

    Hey Duckie,

    I did the same sort of thing when I started the 70-270. After about 2 months, I gave up and moved on to the A+. But when I moved back to the 70-270, I found it EVEN harder to get to grips with. Something to do with re-reading the stuff I already knew, but not being able to pay ful attention as I thought I already knew it (which i did, but in the time Id put it off, id forgotten stuff), but getting even more frustrated with the parts I didnt know.

    The end result was that the 70-270 was just sooooooo hard to pass.

    But that was just me, things might be different with you.
    Certifications: VCP,A+, N+, MCSA, MCSE
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  3. simongrahamuk
    Honorary Member

    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    Hey, I don't think you're mad!

    I was already MCSA before I did my MCDST! Next I'm going for the Network+, so perhaps I'm going backwards!

  4. Malnomates

    Malnomates Megabyte Poster

    If that's what you feel is the right move at this time then go for it I say.It would be a shame to drop your A+ completely at this point though!You're already well on your way,with a good knowledge of the OS technologies and I suspect more knowledge of the hardware technologies than you give yourself credit for.There's a wealth of help,knowledge,advice and encouragement in the CF forums and maybe that's an option to consider for your hardware studies.
    I was in a similar situation with my current studies,though in reverse order i.e. I find the hardware a lot easier than the OS and began to consider alternative courses.I've stuck with it regardless though,simply because I couldn't justify spending considerable time learning a subject to this point and deciding not to pursue with the certification.

    Hope all goes well,with whatever direction you decide to follow.. 8)
    Certifications: A+ Network+
  5. Duckie

    Duckie Nibble Poster

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    One of my friends has just been told he's got to do A+ (after 23 years in the industry) as they're making it a requirement for all employees lol He's offered to help me with the Hardware, so not I'm not going to give up entirely, I'll keep going with it but more on the backburner as I want to focus on gaining the MCDST cert first.

    :lol: Simon I like your approach. Goes to show though that you never stop learning in this industry and there's always more you can be doing to further your knowledge and certifications.

    Certifications: MCDST, MOS 2003

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