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Okay, another sort of er recruitment/training provider thingie..

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by zet, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. zet

    zet Byte Poster


    Okay, so I'm having trouble grouping these agencies/companies/organisations with the different business models so I'll call them agencies. I was contacted by one today, they're called capita. It's a similar business model to FDM-group. The difference is that they'd train me as a software tester (something I'd enjoy) with a definite career progression over the next 2 years. The only thing is that there might be the possibility of having to relocate to other parts of the UK. What I was told is that while most of there clients (95%) are based on London there might be the possibility of having to relocate (worst case scenario) up North..as far as york.

    My question, I guess, is that has anyone come across these guys before? Looking at their website it appears they're associated with some pretty big names: http://www.capita.co.uk/Pages/Default.aspx / http://www.capita-at.co.uk/Pages/Home.aspx - Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance
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  2. trebor_88

    trebor_88 Byte Poster

    Very big company, Capita get around £3.3bn form the government a year!
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  3. cosway

    cosway Nibble Poster

    Capita are a vastly huge company, anything to do with any government computer system capita have a hand in, they run all the schools in the country (its a legal requirement in Wales for all schools to buy and use the capita MIS software - not cheap either), and I've seen a numebr of capita branded vans on the roads in the last few weeks. I deal with them a lot, and I think they have presence in the virgin isands? (the british ones) - not too good with geography, but someone I used to work with was asked if he would join Capita and relocate to a tropical island where they would pay him a rediculusly large sum of money. Probably can't go wrong with Capita.
    Certifications: MCDST, MCSA, A+
  4. zet

    zet Byte Poster

    I see, I guess my only reply is *points to trebor_88's forum pic* - I guess I'll go meet them.
    Certifications: BSc, MSc, A+

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