Oh dear

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by flex22, Sep 5, 2003.

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    Oh dear

    I am a stupid git.

    I tried to connect and my modem dialled but the page wouldn't show.

    I restarted the computer and then I got online.However IE had to close due to error.

    I thought that the blaster virus has that affect.

    I suddenly realised that I hadn't updated this computer for ages.I have automatic updates on my laptop and I forgot that it wasn't configured on this comp.

    I just went to updates and there was a big warning about the blaster virus and it gave me 21 critical updates, TWENTY ONE.

    Oh dear, I am embarrassed at my seemingly lackadaisical attitude towards security. :oops:

    Looks like I've been blasted.
  2. Jakamoko
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    I wouldn't necessarily say you'd been Blasted, as the symptoms you describe are not characteristic of said virus.

    Besides, if that machine hasn't been on-line for ages, then it cant get infected. As for M$ Update, it will tell you need every security patch under the sun (hence, Service Packs).

    Finally, errors with Internet Explorer ? Are you sure you're not "working offline" ? Click File, at the bottom you should see "working offline" - make sure it is NOT ticked. If it is ticked, then IE is not trying to look on the internet for your pages, rather those your machine stored previously.

    Once you check all that and get the machine running, MAKE SURE YOU DO GET THE PATCH FOR BLASTER !!!

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  3. Luton Bee

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    You know a lot of people say Windows Update causes problems but I've never once had a problem with it. I have turned it off at work but thats simply because of bandwidth. I use it whenevr I re-build a machine and have never had it give me any trouble. Juts for once I think MS has got it right!!
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