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  1. MrNice

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    just a quick one...

    If I want to set-up a shared folder so i can use it offline on my laptop how do I go about it. The shared folder is located on a win2000 file server.

    1)I would open explorer on my laptop and under folder options I would select Enable offline files.

    2)I then need to locate the folder in explorer, browse to properties, click the sharing tab and enable file caching

    If you agree that is correct my confusion is, do I do stage 2 on the file server itself or on my laptop?

    Or do I also need to enable offline files on the file server?

    Thanks for any input
  2. tripwire45
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    Here's a quick primer on configuring Offline Folders in Windows 2000:

    Not sure if it answers your question but judging by the comments below the article, it seems to have done the trick for other readers.
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  3. MrNice

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    Cheers Trip,

    It all becomes a little clearer! Good article on the subject. I am reading it as Stage 1 is done on laptop and stage 2 on file server. Other stuff I have read on this has never really clarified that bit.

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