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nsc global

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by FSZ, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. FSZ

    FSZ Bit Poster

    Hello All

    Has anyone worked or is currently working for nscglobal as Cisco field engineer? What is the company and the work like?

    Certifications: Too many!!
  2. sahmed

    sahmed Bit Poster

    I did apply for nsc global. They are always looking for ccna engineers to work. Never heard back from them so cant really comment.
  3. millsie

    millsie Byte Poster

    I got an email a couple of months ago through Cisco Netacad advising that they were looking for 20 ccna engineers to work on various projects in the UK which would then lead onto possible more work in europe and state side!

    I was gutted as I'd just accepted a new job when they contacted me. It took them ages to get back to me after initial application.

    The entry conditions were I had to go to a few days of testing, in London I believe, it all sounded pretty full on and they were asking for people who had CCNA but not necessarily real world experience!

    The interview process was an exam, more testing and probably a hefty interview with several key people before being taken on so not easy i'd imagine, however it would have been a great opportunity I just didnt want to take the risk of turning down the new job which was perm and then hoping to get NSC which could well have been contract work.

    Certifications: N+, CCNA, MCDST
    WIP: CCNP route 642-902

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