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No College ... is this a big issue ?

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Max22, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Max22

    Max22 New Member

    Hi Fox,

    I have questions ... about my future hehe ...

    I been working in IT field for past 10 years.

    7 Years in 2 big companies over 1000 employees. ( Pretty big popular brands )

    My experience ...

    Linux ( High Availability system ) - far from being expert but deployed sucessfuly few HA systems and maintained them.
    Apple ( Mac ) Support - Starting with OS9 up to 10.8
    Windows XP to Windows 7 and basic experience with Windows Server Editions
    System Deployment - Windows - MAC using different solution like CloneZilla, WDS, GHOST etc ...
    User Support - Around 300 users..
    VOIP experience with Asterisk Server ( Management, Deployment, Design )
    Network Wiring + Certification of networks. ( Installation with code accordance CAT6 )
    WIRELESS - basic ( DDWRT + all the none enterprise class networks )
    Microsoft - WSUS, SMS ( I been using it for day to day tasks )
    PHP, PERL, MYSQL, HTML, JS, AJAX, SH - basic programming skills to help with daily IT tasks.
    Hardware is my strong side - DELL, HP Proliant, OSX Server, Soldering skills including BGA, SMD.
    Backup systems ( EMC, Custom Solutions, RAID systems - Implemented, Maintained )
    Open Directory ( Successfully implemented for few customers )
    Basic Management skills ( Schedule 5+ employees, Product Implementation )
    Basic Virtualization skills ( XEN, VMWARE )
    PC, MAC, SUN - repair, trouble shooting

    Fluent in 2 languages.

    No previous college... Finished just HIGH School.

    Most of the jobs says that they require community college .. I think that I have a bit more work experience then anyone from college or not ...

    I wonder if future employers would even consider me just with experience and no college?.

    Should I consider doing A+ ? Going to College ?

    thank you
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2012
  2. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    Not really, it depends on the company, but most companies just care if you can get the job done.

    Personally I don't think college is that important, but I do think personal development and training is important.

    Some people think on the job experience is all that matters, I think it is important to go the extra mile and study around subjects, often work experience alone will not teach you everything.
  3. Max22

    Max22 New Member

    Agreed, I'm a self learner .. and I like to learn and chase new technology .. no doubt about it ...
    But wondering if there is any space in IT for someone with my little qualifications ..
  4. Monkeychops

    Monkeychops Kilobyte Poster

    Not a big issue, college/uni is not a be all and end all requirement, it really will depend on the employer.

    Some will value a degree (or whatever your college equiv may be) more than others, some won't really care.

    Generally the older/further you are in your career the less it matters to a point.

    I would never have gotten my first position without a degree, however I don't think it's been a factor in any of my following positions. My industry certs and experience have been far more important for those.

    Think about where you want to go in IT, if you're staying more on the techy side then I've found that it probably won't matter as much as if you were chasing down the management route, and even then it's still going to depend on the company.
  5. SimonD
    Honorary Member

    SimonD Terabyte Poster

    I have to be honest and say that I left school with little in the way of scholastic qualifications, at that age I already knew I was joining the Army (I was 16 when I joined the Army) and I really didn't have much time for school by that time, what it obviously meant is that I didn't even go to college let alone Uni (unlike my younger brother who not only did his degree but also got a masters as well).

    Has it held me back? Not as far as I have seen, I am in a very well paid role, have managed to travel the world and lived abroad in Luxembourg for a couple of years and all of that with no formal scholastic qualifications (I left school without 'O' levels, never mind 'A' levels).
    Certifications: CNA | CNE | CCNA | MCP | MCP+I | MCSE NT4 | MCSA 2003 | Security+ | MCSA:S 2003 | MCSE:S 2003 | MCTS:SCCM 2007 | MCTS:Win 7 | MCITP:EDA7 | MCITP:SA | MCITP:EA | MCTS:Hyper-V | VCP 4 | ITIL v3 Foundation | VCP 5 DCV | VCP 5 Cloud | VCP6 NV | VCP6 DCV | VCAP 5.5 DCA
    WIP: VCP6-CMA, VCAP-DCD and Linux + (and possibly VCIX-NV).
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